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Crawley Area Guide

Crawley is a lively, vibrant town, with great leisure and shopping facilities. It also has an interesting history, dating back to the Bronze Age. 

The Crawley web design and seo market is driven by the large population of local businesses in Crawley town centre and surrounding areas such as Copthorne, Rusper, Balcombe, Pease Pottage, Faygate and Handcross.

Web Designers and SEO Companies in Crawley are mainly based in the town centre of Crawley but make sure you shop around for cost effective SEO Services and Web Design as some agencies tend to charge over the odds for their service. If you are looking for affordable seo in Crawley or E-commerce web designers Spot Creative Design come highly recommended in terms of value for money.

The real beauty of living in Crawley is the outstanding countryside which surrounds the area. Copthorne, Rusper, Balcombe, Pease Pottage, Faygate and Handcross are a few of the surrounding villages. When people want a quieter lifestyle they tend to head for these villages or further south towards the coastal towns. Crawley's location between London and Brighton makes it an excellent commuter base. Croydon is approximately 15 minutes away, London is approximately 30 minutes away, and Brighton perhaps 20 minutes (both via Three Bridges mainline link). There are two further railway stations in Crawley - in the Town Centre and in Ifield.

The road network is ideal with the M23 linking Crawley to the M25 ring road which takes about 10 minutes by car. Gatwick Airport is only a 5-10 minute car journey, depending on which roads you travel and time of day.

Crawley benefits from an excellent bus service linking Crawley to Gatwick and then to Horley - the Fastway bus route. The buses have priority over cars at traffic lights and you will often see them whizzing down the side while you are sitting in your car at a red light. 

If you are looking for Web Design in Crawley, SEO Services in Crawley or E-commerce Web Designers take a look at Spot Creative Design (Crawley) for information and examples of work or contact us directly on 01293 55 01 06.


Have We Seen the Last of Guest Blogging?

This is a question that has received a lot of attention over the last month or so. Ever since Matt Cutts' article 'The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO', online marketers and seo specialists have trying to work out if guest blogging can still be used in their marketing strategies.
For a while now guest blogging has been perceived to be a method that attracts a lot of spam that could actually do you website and online marketing campaigns more harm than good. Here are a few rules that might help to recap on the topic.
1: Know why you're guest blogging
If you're guest blogging for the sole purpose of building inbound links, you should stop. If, on the other hand, you're guest posting in order to drive traffic, increase awareness, or build up your reputation through Google, there's no reason you should stop. 
Guest posting is a great way to reach people outside of your own online community and expand your reach. If this is the intention behind your guest blogging strategy, then you are on the right track.
2: Guest blogging is about building relationships, not links
While there are few hard and fast rules for guest blogging, one general rule to keep in mind is to focus on building relationships, not on links. Both publishers and guest posts need to be careful about whom they form relationships with. Again if this is not implemented with the right intentions you could damage your online marketing campaign.
If you have a site that typically accepts guest posts, there's no reason to stop. However, you should be careful and make sure that you only accept top-quality content from people you know and trust.
Rather than accepting guest posts from a group of random bloggers, ask a few contributors to write regular posts. In the long run, this will mean less work for you, and could potentially lead to better results for both parties in terms of SEO.
3: There are some types of sites you should never guest post on
This is directed at those of you who are wondering how you can determine which sites are 'worthy' of your guest posts. Fortunately, there are some insightful general rules you can follow to avoid posting on less-than-trustworthy sites that may be seen as 'spammy'. Avoid guest blogging on the following:
  • Blogs with very little content, or content that is consistently poor-quality (typos, short articles, grammatical errors, etc.)
  • Blog networks
  • Blogs that act as link farms
  • Blogs that have no obvious social proof such as social media followers or comments
  • Blogs that allow anyone to guest post (the higher the standard the better; while it will be harder to be accepted, at least you'll know you're in respectable company)
  • Blogs that only have old, outdated content. 
These types of sites are unlikely to grow your audience or your reach, and in fact, may do you more harm than good. 
If you are looking for more information about guest blogging, check out my Forbes article, which is still relevant in light of Matt Cutts' announcement: How to Run a Successful Guest Blogging Campaign After Penguin 2.0.

Search Engine Optimisation

With effective Search Engine Optimisation your website can receive increased web traffic and help potential customers find your business.

Are you taking full advantage of the potential qualified ‘free’ leads searching for your products and services on a daily basis?

How much would 10, 100 or 1000 new clients per month be worth to your business?

How much do you currently spend on advertising that doesn't live up to expectations and justify the budget?

You probably use traditional advertising methods just because that’s what you know, right?

How much does it cost you currently to win a new client/sale?

Can you even track where your business actually comes from?

In the 21st century the internet is full of potential leads looking for your services and/or products. Unfortunately lots of your competitors know this too and this means that your business needs more than just an online presence.

At Spot Creative Design it’s our business to make your Crawley business a success and that means standing out in a crowd. We have an excellent track record ranking targeted local search terms in many different businesses areas; for example: “Web Design Crawley"

It is our job to do the hard work so you can focus on what you do best. We will boost the position that your website appears on major search engines to create increased traffic and enquiries that you can turn into sales. Our SEO services come in three different packages to suit a range of different sized businesses with varied goals.

We also offer a FREE SEO report for your website.


For more information on our search engine optimisation packages please contact us on 01293 550106 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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