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Spot Creative Launch The F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize

Spot Creative Launch The F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize

Another fantastic opportunity has been brought to life by Spot Creative. We were asked to get involved in the F1 Connectivity Innovations Prize website for Tata Comunications and Lewis Hamilton.

Our brief was to create a website primarily to generate innovative ideas by fanatical F1 fans. The objective was how to improve and offer new ideas to enhance the fans experience at the track side. All entries are submitted to the website where the judges (some of which include David Coulthard and Martin Brundle) were asked to deliberate and decide on the winners and runner up entrants for a $50,000 cash prize.

We also designed the winners presentation board which was featured on Sky News... Lewis Hamilton took an in depth look at our handywork in Cannes, South of France. Another proud moment for Spot Creative.

Visit the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize website designed, built and managed by Spot Creative

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